Get Ready For EssentiaLid!

The Insertable Lid

That Seals In Freshness

ESSENTIALID is the sustainability innovation that protects container products from stale air and moisture. Nothing complicated or expensive. Just maximum food preservation, efficiently.

Every Industry Using
Containers Benefits From ESSENTIALID Protection

Air and moisture in partially filled containers degrades your stored product. ESSENTIALID evacuates 99% of ambient atmosphere away from foods, detergents, chemicals, powders, and liquids.

Commercial Food Storage


Agricultural, Livestock Feed, Chemical


Home Kitchen Pantry


Who Enjoyed EssentiaLid First?

With a sense of smell over 10,000 times better than ours, it should be no surprise it was dogs who first noticed kibbles at the end of a container are not as fresh as those at the top.

Pavlov's Pride

As the proportion of stale air to food increased, the pups interest in their meals decreased, and they took longer to eat.

Prototype Time

After months of designing, testing, and injection molding, we sealed in pet food freshness throughout its shelf life. The pups responded by enjoying their kibbles equally from both ends of the container.

The Sky's The Limit

ESSENTIALID then expanded to kitchen pantries preserving coffee, flour, nuts, sugars, spices, and more. EssentiaLid will soon be available to commercial kitchens, food distributors, home pantries, and all industries to preserve freshness, reduce waste and save money.

Looking For More Information?

ESSENTIALID is coming soon everywhere. Contact us for details.